Thank you!

To all of our valued patients, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for filling out our recent patient experience survey. This has given us good insight into your experiences and importantly know where to improve. As a result of the feedback we've received from you, we are implementing the following:

  • You said "You need to be on-time so that I am not late for my appointment!" As a result, we are improving timeliness by implementing what we call Fixed Pattern Planning. This gives more structure and a set of deadlines to the planning team so that your appointment is planned into the system more quickly. 

  • Also, we are introducing a routine refresh of up-to-date appointment times for accurate pick up and drop off times: Here we regularly liaise with the unit to ensure on a routine basis that each individual appointment time is correct. This decreases the risk of you getting picked up based on old information that may make you more late. This increase in dynamic communication with the unit will make your appointments far more up-to-date and often will improve the timeliness of your transport. 

  • Vehicle hygiene: whilst 88% of those asked considered the hygiene to be good or great, around 8.3% of patients felt that the hygiene and cleanliness of vehicles was just 'okay' and could be improved. As a result, we wanted to let you know of our routine schedule for vehicle cleaning. Every day at the end of the shift, the driver cleans the vehicle. Additionally, every 6 weeks, each vehicle receives a deep, intensive clean too. Do get in touch with our Patient Experience Team if you feel that you have travelled in a vehicle that is not up to the standards you expect. 

We are keen to continue to hear from you; look out for our next survey in the near future! 

Best regards, 

Trudy Senior (General Manager)

and the rest of the Premier Care Direct team. 

15th March 2018

144 responses from latest survey